Request for audio communication with volunteer staff member of is a fully independent New Thought Directory, a New Thought News Resource.

We are not affiliated with United or International Centres for Spiritual Living or with Unity, DivineUnity, UFBL or Divine Science. We serve all Centers for Spiritual Living regardless of their affiliation or independence.

We serve all Science of Mind and Religious Science Centers regardless of their independence or affilliation. Serving New Thought provides support to ALL New Thought Centers regardless fo their independence or affiliation.

New Thought Communities of high consciousness choose prosperity and behave accordingly participating and contributing to these Universal New Thought Resources. Do you believe in these teachings? Do you teach Prosperity Principles and also Walk your Talk?
Request for audio communication with volunteer staff member of

I am aware that telephonic communications take time and energy on the part of the volunteer supporting me.

In the case of New Thought Community Leadership that is not "walking their talk," in other words if the status of the listing pertaining to a particular community is in Charity, or Past Prosperity status, thus it is obvious that the leadership of said community is teaching prosperity consciousness but not supporting the resources which support their community and all of New Thought, then a demonstration of belief in these teaching may be necessary in order to obtain support.
Originally called Global New Thought, we changed our name after a different organization began using a similar name. Supported by wonderful souls and communities of High Consciousness. This work connects New Thought Seekers with Sharers and both with wisdom teachings. In 1992, we created the Find A New Thought Church resource which later became

This resource was followed by which is the world's first Public New Thought Library. It is free and supports New Thought Spiritual Leadership to teach New Thought Principles. Most people's first introduction to New Thought Teachings is through the New Thought Library.

Links from to and are often what brings then to their first New Thought Community. New Thought Centers supporting these resources go beyond surviving to thriving!

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