Use of the New Thought Community Postal Zip Code Locator is subject to our Terms of Service

The New Thought directory system, including this Zip Code Locator is an Open Source System. Information is provided by the Public, or communities that are living New Thought Principles and doing Conscious Ministry.

Prosperous New Thought Communities have the option to steward the listing pertaining to their community.

Listings may be stewarded by anyone. If you care about a New Thought Community, you may be the one to Walk Your Talk and express your love for that community by becoming the steward of the listing pertaining to said community. A Prosperity Listing is a positive contribution to any community, a powerful statement that the community lives New Thought principles contributing to the propagation of New Thought beyond contractual obligations to membership organizations.

The public shares information through this system. We trust it is a helpful guide in choosing a New Thought Community that not only teaches healing and prosperity principles but also lives them. Support your favorite New Thought Community.

Information provided through the Postal Zip Code Locator and the directory system is provided "as is."
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