Celebrating the 100 year Anniversary of New Thought Day
with an initiative in honor of the late Rev. Dr. Spottiswoode

The New Thought Community Directory is fully independent open source directory powered by participants from around the globe.

Not affiliated with United or International Centres for Spiritual Living or with Unity, DivineUnity, UFBL or Divine Science. We serve all New Thought Communities regardless of their affiliation or independence.

It is the most comprehensive directory of New Thought Organizations in the world. Due to previously low interest on the part of the leadership of New Thought Communities to steward the listings pertaining to their centers, in 2006 we opened the directory to anyone who cares. This means you :)

Taking advantage of this opportunity involves a small "scavenger hunt", in which you will gather some information around the web.

New Thought Adherents of high consciousness choose prosperity and behave accordingly participating and contributing to these Universal New Thought Resources. Do you believe in these teachings? Do you live Prosperity Principles and Walk your Talk?

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Servers perform "autochecks" testing submitted info vis a vis website info.
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It's about consciousness!

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New Thought Day Facts:

The late Rev. Dr. Spottiswoode was a major powerhouse in the propagation of New Thought: processing books for New Thought Library; creating free New Thought Audio books, providing Health Care to the Homeless; teaching New Thought classes online with 10% scholarships. Although Doc Spot felt that some New Thought Leaders needed to be more supportive of each other and walk their talk, not just talk their talk, he participated in the SpanTheDigitalDivide program, donating equipment and money to New Thought Communities around the globe. Below are some questions with links to the answers. In order to qualify for FREE stewardship, answer them correctly.

Intention & Submission

Serving New Thought Ministries started in 1992. Originally called Global New Thought, we changed our name after a different organization began using the same name. We are supported by wonderful souls and communities of High Consciousness. This work is all about connecting New Thought Seekers with Sharers. NewThoughtCentres.com / FindACenter.com was followed by NewThoughtLibrary.com which is the world's first Public New Thought Library.



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